Apple "steals" senior Tesla engineer and reinforces rumors that it will launch a car

Apple "steals" senior Tesla engineer and reinforces rumors that it will launch a car

Not so long ago, we say that Apple and Tesla they were experiencing a war over contracts with the automaker doing better, since it would have hired more than 150 Apple employees. But now Apple has stolen something important from Elon Musk's company.

As reported by Reuters, Apple hired Jamie Carlson senior engineer at the electric car manufacturer. He was responsible for the autopilot feature firmware and was reportedly working on a Tesla autonomous car project. Now, he works on “Special Projects” within Apple.

It is clear that such a contract by itself already generates a buzz around Apple is even developing a car most likely electric and possibly autonomous. But Reuters goes further, saying that several other experts in that area are now working at Ma, including Megan McClain (formerly Volkswagen AG), Vinay Palakkode (researcher in the area; trained at Carnegie Mellon University), Xianqiao Tong (software developer for healthcare assistance) ex-NVIDIA), Paul Furgale (ex-deputy director of the Autonomous Systems Lab at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology), Sanjai Massey (engineer with experience in developing connected and automated vehicles at Ford), Stefan Weber (ex- Bosch engineer with experience in video-based driver assistance systems) and Lech Szumilas (ex-Delphi scientist / researcher with experience in computer vision and object detection).

That is, of course, speaking of this huge list of contracts that we have already released.

complicated for Apple to enter a new segment in secret. By making these contracts totally necessary (after all, she has no experience in the area), the company is unable to disguise its interests any more by making it clear that it is working on something great. Several contracts like this cannot be justified by relatively small projects such as, for example , CarPlay.

Let the “Apple Car” come!

(via MacRumors)