Apple starts withdrawing apps that promote other apps on the App Store

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Since last September, Apple introduced new rules for the approval of apps from the App Store. And one of them starts taking effect this week, with the withdrawal of the application AppShopper, which reported a daily list of apps that went on sale.

Under rule 2.25 of the developer guidelines, Apple warns that it will reject ā€œall apps that display apps other than the sales or promotion editor in a close or confusing way with the App Storeā€œ. With that, Apple seems to want to limit a good means of spreading apps that until then was working.

This was the first, and it is very likely that soon we will be without others, like the popular AppGratis (link) or the Apps Gone Free (link).

Appleā€™s intention is not to allow ā€œclonesā€ of the App Store, which perform the same function as the store application. At the same time, it is known that there are many applications currently in the store and it is difficult for developers to create promotions to gain prominence in the official store. Alternative apps were a way to remedy this.

via Macgasm