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Apple starts testing new app data analysis tool for developers [atualizado]

Apple today began to invite developers to test a new tool called App Analytics, which was originally presented at WWDC last year.

Apple testing App Analytics

Access to it is limited, but in an email Apple explains that developers can:

  • See how often consumers visit your app / game page on the App Store.
  • See how many of your users open your app over time.
  • Check your app sales and internal purchases (In-App Purchases).
  • Create custom links to marketing campaigns and track their success.
  • Understand which sites refer you the most users.

Apple does not charge developers anything extra to access the tool. When it leaves the beta phase, it will probably be released to everyone.

(tip from Bruno Carlos)

Update · 05/13/2015 s 16:33

The tool remains in beta, but is now available to all developers through iTunes Connect.

(via 9to5Mac)