Apple starts selling SIM-free iPhones 7/7 Plus in the United States

Apple starts selling SIM-free iPhones 7/7 Plus in the United States

Apple yesterday started sales of iPhones 7/7 Plus without chip (SIM-free), unlocked from the factory, directly through your American online store. When purchasing online, customers can now choose between the available carriers (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint or Verizon) or none of them.

Unlocked iPhones for sale on Apple's online store

Unlocked devices have no loyalty with any operator; therefore, when purchasing one, the device comes without a chip in addition to being accompanied by the SIM card ejector (that little piece desired by many), which is not included in the others.

The chipless models are the A1600 (iPhone 7) and A1661 (iPhone 7 Plus), the same ones sold by Sprint and Verizon in the USA. The devices are compatible with 4G networks in Brazil, but they are models different from those that will be approved by Anatel and marketed in our country. This does not mean that you cannot / should not buy them. Although it is more interesting to go to an Apple store in the USA and order an AT&T / T-Mobile model full price (full price) since these are the models that will be approved for sale in Brazil, recently Apple Brazil started offering warranty to all models of American iPhones in the national territory (if by any chance the company needs to change its problematic iPhone, but, it gives you a “national” model, approved by Anatel).

For now, these models are available to be purchased from $ 650 (iPhone 7) and $ 770 (iPhone 7 Plus), only in the online store and are not yet offering the possibility to search in physical stores (pick-up). However, this option should be available in the coming days, as inventories increase.

Speaking of stocks, how should you know part of the team is now in Silicon Valley. For the time being, the iPhone 7 offer is quite good; the iPhone 7 Plus and Apple Watch Series 2 is still pretty bad, although the 5.5 inch device has improved a bit in the last few days (mainly the offer of silver, gold and rose gold).

(via MacRumors)