Apple starts selling SIM-free iPhone X models in the United States

A few weeks ago, we reported at first hand that Apple started to allow the online purchase of any iPhone model even those that previously required you to activate with the operator.

This was important because, until then (for reasons of demand), Apple was not selling the model SIM-free of iPhone X. Because she just turned that key! 😉

With inventories on the way to stabilizing, Apple is now also selling this version of the iPhone X without any association with the operator. It is also the only one that includes in the box that little metal tool for extracting the chip.

The model SIM-free iPhone X the A1865, the same marketed by operators Verizon and Sprint. It is fully compatible with the Brazilian 4G and Apple today also covers its warranty in national territory, even though the model is not approved by the National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel).

Recalling that the iPhone X is already on pre-sale here in Brazil; it will be officially launched in our country this Friday, December 8th. Our full review is coming out of the oven!