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Apple starts killing iTunes accounts on social networks

O iTunes (as it exists today) will die. In its place, we'll see the birth of apps like Music, Podcasts, Apple TV, and Books.

New Music, Podcasts, Apple TV, and Books apps icons for macOS

Apple, of course, is already anticipating at least on social networks and disappearing with any reference to iTunes, as pointed out in this Reddit conversation.

iTunes disappearing from social networks

The reader Lucas Lopes had already warned us, but now the "exchange" began in earnest:

The iTunes / Facebook and Instagram pages / accounts themselves still exist, but the contents of those pages have been completely deleted. Instead, it looks like the company is already promoting the Apple TV app pages / accounts (Facebook and Instagram).

The iTunes account on Twitter still exists (with content), but we can see that they are already giving RT us tweets from the @AppleTV profile.

ITunes Links

To top it off, Craig Hockenberry (from Iconfactory) noticed that the links (used for music content) are being switched to

Developer Kyle Seth Gray investigated further and found that Apple is actually creating link categories for each of its contents (,,, and, which makes perfect sense.

Soon, it's time to say goodbye to iTunes once and for all. Ready?

via MacRumors