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Apple starts international recycling program for iPods

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(Corrected) Steve Jobs has already confirmed that starting this summer, his company will extend the iPod recycling program to Apple stores worldwide. Currently, only US stores that sell Apple’s popular MP3 players accept damaged, disused or unwanted equipment by users for later recycling.

In exchange for old equipment, Apple gives a 10 percent discount on the purchase of a new iPod, says the company’s president in a note published in the site. «This summer we will extend the recycling model to Apple stores worldwide and we will extend the service to include free shipping of equipment within the United States,» writes Steve Jobs.

Another measure to be adopted by the end of 2008 is the abolition of the use of arsenic on the screens of the devices produced, among other chemicals necessary for the manufacture of MP3 players.

Apple has been recycling products since 1994 and last year launched a program that provided for the collection of used computers and responded to criticism from various environmental protection organizations. However, the company’s attitude change has already had an effect and Greenpeace has already shown its liking for Steve Jobs’ strategy.

Editorial Note [2007-05-04 17:26] The news was corrected to include a reference to the iPod recycling program that already exists in the United States.

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