Apple starts first Entrepeneur Camp for women developers

Apple starts first Entrepeneur Camp for women developers

A few months ago, we talked about a very cool initiative from Apple: the Entrepeneur Camp, an immersion program for women developers designed to take startups and companies with a female foundation or leadership to a period of learning and experience at Apple Park. Today, Apple announced the start of work with the first team, composed of 11 companies founded by women.

Among the selected companies, we have a Brazilian company: CUCO Health is responsible for the app CUCO: Reminder of Medicines and its founders are at the moment in Apple Park with the women responsible for apps like Hopscotch, Pureple and WeParent. There, they will receive classes and workshops on topics such as development, design, marketing and technologies to make the most of the profit machine that the App Store has become.

Incidentally, and how: in the same statement, Apple announced that its app store has reached absurdities $ 120 billion in revenue generated for developers in its (almost) 11-year history – of that amount, almost 1/4 was paid last year alone.

From now on, Entrepeneur Camp will be held quarterly, with up to 20 companies selected per edition. Those who want to apply must be funded, co-funded or led by women, and at least one woman must be part of the company’s core app development team – which can be a functional application or a prototype. In addition to all the benefits previously listed, selected companies earn two tickets to the WWDC the following year and one year free on the Apple Developer Program.

Interested companies and professionals can apply on this page. Good luck!