Apple starts distributing “unlocked” iPhones to security researchers

Apple starts distributing “unlocked” iPhones to security researchers

Anyone who follows Apple’s technological headlines will certainly remember that, about a year ago, the Cupertino giant significantly expanded its rewards program for security researchers.

In addition to significantly higher cash values, scientists could also have access thereSpecial phones, unlocked, to carry out their explorations. Now, finally, these iPhones are starting to reach the hands of their target audience.

The company today updated its page dedicated to the Device Security Research Program (Security Research Device Program) with some new data on “unlocked” iPhones, called by the Security Research Devices (SRDs) – in practice, as if they were iPhones with jailbreak native.

Apple describes the devices as follows:

SRDs are intended for use in a controlled environment, for security research only. SSH access is open, and you can run any tools and choose your access rights. Furthermore, SRDs behave in much the same way as a standard iPhone, so they are a representative research target.

Apple also notes that the unlocked iPhones are its property and only lent to researchers – the loan lasts 12 months and can be renewed at the end of the period. Developers cannot use smartphones as their personal devices, and the devices must stay in the scientists’ workplace at all times.

In addition, any bugs and flaws discovered using the SRDs need to be reported to Apple immediately; if these failures are related to third-party applications or code, they must be sent to the code developer. As usual, these flaws cannot be disclosed until the company releases a solution for them.

Of course, not all security researchers will be able to participate in the program to receive unlocked iPhones. It is necessary to have “a successful track record of security breaches on Apple platforms” or other operating systems and platforms; people who work at Apple or have been employed by it in the past 12 months are not allowed to participate, as are researchers in countries with an embargoed economy by the United States.

In fact, in fact, only a handful of countries are included in the program at the moment: Germany, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Spain, United States, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Norway , Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland.

If you are within the prerequisites, you can access this page to submit your application to the program. It is worth noting that the number of SRDs is limited, so it is to be expected that not all candidates will be considered in this first moment.

Good luck!

via TechCrunch