Apple starts computer recycling program

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Apple Computer announced in a statement the launch of a used computer collection program aimed at US consumers. Customers can leave their computer, whatever brand it is, at any Apple Store or authorized reseller when exchanging for a new Macintosh.

Anyone wishing to make the exchange must inform the brand which subsequently sends a email with instructions for participation in the program and an identification code to attach to the computer that the customer wants to exchange.

All equipment is recycled within the country, that is, no harmful material is sent to other countries, guarantees the company.

Apple already has a campaign similar to this, aimed at iPod consumers, offering a 10 percent discount on the purchase of new equipment in exchange for the old Mp3 player. In Cupertino (California), where Apple is based, there is a free recycling service for used computers and other electronic household equipment.

The recycling programs are part of the company’s strategy, which, since 1994, has already recycled more than 9,500 tons of electronic material.

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