Apple, Spotify and others are accused of pricing in the streaming market

Spotify vs. Apple Music

The term “Price fixing” it must ruffle the deeper hair of Apple lawyers: if you remember, after all, Apple suffered a major defeat in the courts a few years ago, when it was found guilty of the practice in Apple Books (then called iBooks). For now it may all start again.

THE Pro Music Rights (PMR), an organization that represents the interests of music composers and publishers, recently filed a lawsuit against some leading music companies. streaming music, how Apple, Spotify, Google, Amazon and SoundCloud. According to the lawsuit, the companies «entered into an illegal agreement, combination or conspiracy» to set market prices at a non-competitive level and to remove PMR from the market.

This is not the first time that the PMR has aimed its weapons at Apple: last year, the organization had already filed a case against Apple, accusing the Cupertino giant of piracy for doing the job. streaming illegal use of songs belonging to your catalog. It is worth noting that PMR has the rights to around 2 million works by renowned artists, such as Pharrell Williams, Wiz Khalifa, A $ AP Rocky, Soulja Boy, Migos, Fall Out Boy and many others.

The new lawsuit is being filed in the Connecticut State District Court, and cites alleged violations of a number of state laws, such as the Connecticut Antitrust Act. The court will still judge the PMR’s request before proceeding with the process – and we will need to keep an eye out to see if the whole thing is going to broth or if the imbroglio will die on the beach.

via Apple World Today