Apple slashes MacBook Air prices with SSD

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It is also worth to the Portuguese market the price reduction of the MacBook Air for the configuration with SSD and 1.8 GHz processor that Apple has discreetly applied in its online store. The news was advanced by Appleinsider for the United States market and is also confirmed for Portugal.

The US store MacBook Air with 1.8 GHz processor now costs just $ 200 more than the 1.6 GHz version, $ 100 less than the previous price. When choosing an SSD drive, the difference is greater, less than $ 400. A MacBook Air with an SSD drive costs just over $ 599 when it used to be $ 999.

At the Portuguese store, prices are also lower. The 1.8 GHz MacBook Air with 64 GB SSD now costs 2,389 euros, instead of the 2,880 euros charged at the time of the model’s launch in January. Although more expensive these drives are more reliable because they have no moving parts and are less prone to damage from mobility.

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