Transição da Apple para chips ARM

Apple Silicon: leaker talks about “multiplier” chips and the end of 13 ″ MacBooks Air / Pro

After years of speculation, Apple officially detailed, in the last WWDC, plans for the transition from Intel chips to proprietary processors on the Mac. The project, known as Apple Silicon, already had several of his doubts explained by the engineers of Ma, but still raises several questions about the future of the line.

Obviously, nobody but Apple can answer, but it is possible to talk about them. And that's exactly what the journalist did J. Glenn Knzler, writing to the website of leaker Sonny Dickson: he gathered information he obtained in the past months from his sources within the Ma development chain and gathered it, in an article published today, with his own impressions about the future of Macs.

To begin with, Knzler endorses rumors that Apple's chips will debut (for the general public) in the iMac and in 13-inch MacBook Pro. According to him, these are mid-level products, which facilitates the process since, with them, Apple will be able to establish an “average level of performance” and, from there, adapt its chips to more powerful input devices or machines. , like the 16 ″ MacBook Pro or even the Mac Pro.

About this adaptation, the journalist has interesting information although in the article he notes that it is something even less certain. According to rumors, Apple will not develop multiple versions of the same chip in a given cycle because its processors may be “Multiplicable”.

That is, in a given year when the 13 ″ MacBook Pro has the “X” chip, Apple would not need to develop a more powerful “Y” chip for the 16 ″ model; instead, the company would simply place multiple "X" chips inside the larger machine, proportionally expanding its speed and processing power.

The “multiplication of the chips” would have a positive side effect, according to Knzler: the simplification of the Mac line. The journalist is betting that Apple, with the ability to create a new thin and light MacBook like the current Air and powerful like the current 13 ″ Pro (or more), will do just that: put the two together in one product, called simply in "MacBook". With that, the line would simply have a MacBook, 13 (or 14) inches, and a MacBook Pro, 16 ″.

New iMac concept New iMac concept

The article also considers the possibility for Apple to merge the iMac with the iMac Pro and about the all-in-one, including, Knzler reiterates the rumors that we will see an update of the machine soon. According to him, the smaller model will have a 23 ″ or 24 ″ panel, while the larger one can reach 32 ″, all due to the dramatic reduction of the edges.

Obviously, nothing written in the article can be taken for granted: all these supposed changes are still in the planning stage in Cupertino and are therefore subject to drastic changes. It still makes sense, doesn't it?