Apple silently creates subsidiary “Apple Energy” to manage and sell excess energy produced [atualizado]

Apple silently creates subsidiary “Apple Energy” to manage and sell excess energy produced [atualizado]

Ladies and gentlemen, Apple has just become an energy company. Somehow. Searching recent records, the 9to5Mac found that Ma quietly registered a subsidiary called "Apple Energy LLC", which will allow it to sell the excess energy produced on its solar farms in Nevada and California.

Apple solar power plant

The new company was registered in the US state of Delaware, but has as its contact point the Apple campus in Cupertino.

The answer to this seemingly surprising move comes from Apple's need to generate “renewable” energy at times when the sun is not shining, such as cloudy days or, of course, nights. The call net metering (electric energy compensation system) is a procedure in which the consumer of electrical energy that generates part of its energy is a mere individual or a mega company with a focus on global domination can use that energy at any time, instead of just at the moment when that it generated.

the one that enters the role of Apple Energy: to sell the excess solar energy generated during the day, something that Ma has left over, with the new Campus 2 rated at 14 megawatts and being able to exchange it for electricity from the grid, the government American company requires a branch.

Apple could theoretically sell this excess energy directly to consumers at market prices. As this would involve very high intra-structure costs, it is likely, however, that this excess generated will be sold instead to other energy companies, at which wholesale prices they will then pass the energy on to final consumers.

As recently reported, today 87% of Apple's global operations already run on renewable energy, the trend with the new company is that this number grows to 100% ideals. what we hope for.

Update · 06/10/2016 s 10:53

A day after the above discovery, more news related to Apple's power generation affection. The website Hickory Record reports that Ma has obtained authorization to produce energy through landfill gases.

The plant will be built in North Carolina and use fuel cells to convert underground methane into electrical energy. It is a relatively clean and environmentally friendly means of production, which further improves Apple's status as a user of renewable and friendly sources.

(via 9to5Mac)