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Apple signs patent infringement deal at Siri and will pay $ 24.9 million

That everyone wants a piece of Ma, it's not new. Behind all beauty "JonyIveana", there are certainly many conflicts and processes (which we hear about or not). In 2012, we listed the company's legal disputes around the world. Among them was a process involving the Crab which has just been resolved as reported by the Albany Business Review.

Siri on iOS 9 on an iPhone and watchOS2 on an Apple Watch

After four years, Apple agreed to pay the total of $ 24.9 million to the Marathon Patent Group group responsible for Dynamic Advances so that the patent process is filed. At first, Ma will pay the group $ 5 million immediately after abandoning the case and another $ 19.9 million after settling other details. Thereafter, the company will receive a license to use the patent, as well as a promise not to be processed again for the next three years.

The accusations were that Ma infringed the patent for a speech recognition technology (US7177798) created at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and licensed by Dynamic Advances. Therefore, it must pay the institute 50% of the money received. However, the institute did not agree with this rate of royalties and perhaps take the matter to be resolved in arbitration.

The claim that appeared in 2012, almost a year after Siri appeared on the iPhone 4s / iOS 5 would have its judgment next month, if Apple had not agreed to sign the agreement.

(via AppleInsider)