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Apple Shows How to Transfer Data from Defective T2 Chip Macs

Apple released a new paper internally detailing the data recovery process for Macs equipped with T2 chip, responsible for the encryption of data from the storage unit of the MacBooks Pro 2018 and iMac Pro.

The new process was introduced due to the advanced security features of this chip and the removal of the special port (installed on the logic board of previous MacBook Pro models), which allowed data transfer from a defective Mac to a new one from a connector to which only authorized technical assistance had access.

Until then, the existing information was that data recovery from these two Macs (if the machine were damaged) would be much more difficult than in previous models precisely due to the lack of the door on the logic board. Even with the release of the internal document little is known about the new process, but it seems that it depends on the T2 chip itself.

Apple noted that the data transfer process for these Macs will be used when authorized service personnel find that the machine needs a repair on the logic board. The point that the board must be “partially functioning” in order for the system to be turned on at least. If the machine is not even calling (and this is true for both recent and previous MacBooks Pro), I am sorry to inform you that there is not much to do to recover your data (unless you have backed up, of course) . That's the kind of nudes that bring a machine with storage welded to the board.

In the recovery process itself, a Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C) cable will be used, another computer that will serve as a host and an external hard drive. To complete the process, the secondary machine will be put into Target Disk It is Apple's diagnostic tool to perform data recovery.

Transferring data from the failed Mac to the secondary machine usually takes 10-20 minutes to complete. However, the complete process may take up to two days, depending on the amount of data and the state of the SSD.

As we said, the T2 chip is responsible for encryption and data security of these computers; In addition, it includes the Secure Enclave MacBooks Pro with Touch Bar, which provides biometric security for Touch ID. On top of that, he still has the chip that processes the 2018 MBP's “Ea, Siri” command.

Although small, darn do a great job. 😝

via 9to5Mac