Apple should charge $ 10 per month for each third party channel on its video service

Of the two (or three?) Services Apple will present at its special event tomorrow, certainly streaming of videos the most awaited.

We have been following the investments Apple has made in its own movies / series for a long time here, but the other aspect of this new service will be a deep integration with third party channels. We already know, for example, that Netflix will be out of this.

Today, in an extensive pre-event report, the Wall street journal brought in more detail than we can expect from “Apple Video” in particular how much Apple intends to charge for each of these third party channels (such as HBO, Showtime and Starz in the United States): $ 10 a month.

That is, by taking HBO as an example, users would be saving a third of the normal monthly fee that the network charges for its standalone service. streaming ($ 15 monthly). Obviously, HBO must have come across this for the likely ease it will be for users to subscribe to these services within the Apple TV app integrated with iOS.

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Incidentally, Apple would be targeting the same $ 10 monthly range for the other service to be announced tomorrow: periodical subscription (magazines, newspapers, etc.).

For this monthly amount, users would have unrestricted access to dozens of vehicles of the most varied that are already signing partnerships with Apple. In this case, a major newspaper that refuses to accept the terms of Ma New York Times.

If we stop and think, Apple also charges the same $ 10 a month for the standard Apple Music subscription in the US. That is, this seems to be the Sweet spot in terms of monthly fees, and should be even more interesting when the company offers a package that includes several (or all) of these services at a discount.

Here in Brazil, it is worth remembering, the $ 10 monthly Apple Music is equivalent today to R $ 16.90. So maybe we can expect something on that same level with regard to the upcoming new services of the company.