Apple shoots 4.91% on NASDAQ and spends much of the day above $ 1 trillion [atualizado]

Apple's 2019 fiscal second quarter financial results released yesterday (see more details here) really pleased Wall Street. Yesterday, in NASDAQ's post-closing trading sessions, Ma's shares were already rising sharply; and that rhythm has continued today.

$ AAPL fired today 4.91% and closed the day quoted to $ 210.52 (the historical high is still $ 232.07, recorded on October 3 last year), leading the market cap from Apple to $ 992.7 billion. Despite this, she touched $ 215.31 during the nail and spent most of the day above $ 1 rail.

It has not hit this mark since the stock plummeted on November 2 last year, a day after Apple released its fourth quarter fiscal 2018 financial results. In late December, they entered the so-called “cross of death” .

Things got even worse in early January when Tim Cook wrote a letter to investors warning of lower than expected iPhone sales. Three weeks later, they have recovered, and since then, $ AAPL has been on a near-steady rise, recovering the world's most valuable company post in early February and fighting over it here and there with Microsoft and Amazon.

Here's the status of the four stock giants today:

PositionCompanyValue day valueMarket value
1 Apple $ 210.52 + 4.91% $ 992.7 billion
2 Microsoft $ 127.88 -2.08% $ 980 billion
3 Amazon $ 1,911.52 -0.78% $ 941.1 billion
4 Alphabet $ 1,168.08 -1.72% $ 813.5 billion

Although Apple closed the last fiscal quarter with a drop in revenue compared to the second fiscal quarter of 2018, the market as a whole was expecting numbers below those it reached. It gives the positive surprise.

In addition, Apple's forecast for its fiscal third quarter of 2019 is also higher than Wall Street had imagined, and this is the weakest period of the year for the company (from April to June). Apple is predicting a sequential drop of about 8%, while the normal is ~ 15%. There is also strong expectation over Apple's recently announced services like Apple Card, Apple Arcade and Apple TV +, as well as a positive perception of the additional $ 75 billion that was approved by the company's board for repurchase of paper. .

Apple shone again on NASDAQ, there is no denying it. Now, all that remains is for us to bring really cool releases from now on, starting with the new operating systems that will be presented within a month at the opening of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019.

Update 05/02/2019 s 09:54

An important correction. Although it has come close, Apple has not yet hit the $ 1 rail mark again.

This is because, as we said, it is in a strong pace of repurchase of shares. So while Yahoo Finance's system still considers Apple to have 4.72 billion papers in the market, the company yesterday filed a document updating that amount to 4.60 billion.

This means, therefore, that $ AAPL's current $ 210.52 makes the company worthwhile. $ 968.6 billion even behind Microsoft. For her to pass $ 1 rail, the papers need to reach at least $ 217.34 (growth of 3.2% over current value).

Soon, Yahoo Finance should update the value on its systems.

via Cult of Mac