Apple shares stories of teachers who teach programming to children

Recently, Apple published a video showing the importance of knowing how to program. In it, educators from several schools – apparently all of Apple’s partners – around the world told how their students benefit from learning programming, even if they don’t intend to be programmers.

Schools make use of free training resources Programming for All, from Apple, whereby “teachers and students learn to use the iPad and the Swift Playgrounds in an easy and fun way ”.

Now, in a new series, Apple has delved into each of these stories shared in the first video. Check them all out below:

François’s story

François is a professor at École L’Arpège in Sainte-Julie, Quebec, Canada. He helped bring programming classes to the school where he teaches to ensure that students have the skills necessary to succeed in the future.

Rikito’s story

Rikito is a professor at Kansai University Elementary School, near Osaka, Japan. He believes that teaching programming provides students with tools to express and bring their ideas to life.

Dahlya’s story

Dahlya is a teacher at California Elementary in Orange, California, USA. In her opinion, learning programming helps to develop confidence and perseverance, which benefits students in all subjects.

Claire’s story

Claire is deputy director of Layton Primary in Blackpool, UK. For her, teaching programming helps to develop practical skills, such as critical thinking and collaboration, that reveal a whole new world of possibilities for students.

Diana’s story

Diana is a professor at the Washington College in Querétaro, Mexico. She loves how teaching programming helps to develop students’ critical thinking in a fun and interesting way.

It is worth noting that Swift Playgrounds recently arrived on macOS, opening up the possibility that this learning can also happen on Macs – in addition to iPads, as always.

Swift Playgrounds app icon

Swift Playgrounds app icon

· • ·

In addition to these, Apple also shared a look at its program Creativity for All. In the video, students tell why they prefer to use creativity to show their work, and how it allows them to better express what they have learned.

Creativity for All (Interview with students)

Explore the free guides Creativity for All from Apple. They teach students to demonstrate what they know or feel through drawing, photography, video and music with free apps available on any iPad. THE Teacher’s Guide Free help educators incorporate creativity into all grades and subjects.

Are you interested? Here are the guides in Portuguese which cover subjects such as photo, drawing, video and music.

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