Apple shares “Shot on iPhone XS” video with multiple experiments

Although the iPhones Xs / Xs Max do not bring, at least technically speaking, revolutionary improvements in your cameras, Apple promises great advances thanks to a larger sensor and the A12 Bionic chip.

Nevertheless, she has already published the first video of the series “Shot on iPhone XS”, bringing together a few different video experiments as tests in 4K resolution, slow camera (Slo-Mo) and time-lapse.

A first look at the wonderful video captures on the new iPhone XS is the highest quality video on any smartphone. water, fire, metal and light were used to create mesmerizing scenes using 4K, Slo-Mo and Time-lapse.

In fact, some parts of the video even make us wonder if that standard iPhone Xs wallpaper is really a planet or if it is just some kind of soap bubble. 😛

Ns of Of course, we will put the new cameras of the iPhones Xs / Xs Max proof to see if there are or not notable improvements in them. Wait!