Apple shares rise significantly on Tuesday and again break their historical record, now worth $ 143.80 [atualizado: US$144,12]

Apple's stock continues to go from strength to strength on NASDAQ.

Since the last historical record, recorded on March 20, they have had some small ups and downs until today, 3/28, they have once again closed at a value never reached before.

A $ AAPL went up 2.07% on today's NASDAQ nail, closing Tuesday on $ 143.80 with a maximum of $ 144.04 during the day.

The company's market value was, therefore, for $ 754.45 billion.

Just out of curiosity, today's high also marks something significant: if Apple hadn’t made the 1: 7 split in its stocks in mid-2014, papers today would have beaten the incredible brand of $ 1,000 each.

The good performance of the day was stimulated by analyst Steve Milunovich, from UBS, who believes that $ AAPL will hit the $ 200 mark in the next two to three years.

As we already know, if it exceeds US $ 190, the market cap Apple's hit $ 1 rail.

In 2017, $ AAPL has already accumulated an increase of more than 24%.

Update · 03/29/2017 s 17:06

The very next day, another high today, from 0.22% and, consequently, a new historical record: $ 144.12.

Apple's market value is now at $ 756.13 billion.