Apple shares rise again and market value hits record $ 953.43 billion [atualizado]

Another day, another record of the $ AAPL towards the market value of $ 1 rail. After yesterday's climb, Ma's papers today closed the day $ 193.98 (high of 0.35%) the maximum during the day was also a record, $ 194.07.

AAPL worth $ 193.98

With that, Apple's market value is now in doctors $ 953.43 billion exact US $ 130.61 billion more than Amazon ($ AMZN), second among the most valuable publicly traded companies in the world, which is US $ 822.82 billion.

To achieve the market cap In the historic $ 1 track, Ma shares need to be worth $ 203.44 a brand that has literally never been this close. Does anyone here dare say when that might happen?

Update 06/07/2018 s 09:48

We are wrong. According to the reader Brayan Schroeder informed in the comments, on May 10, Apple's market value reached US $ 964.27 billion, precisely in the rise of the $ AAPL that we did not publish here on the website.

In other words, yesterday's value * is * a record for the US $ 964.27 billion to be surpassed, the shares must now be worth US $ 196.19.