Apple shares rise again and market value exceeds US $ 950 billion again

It seems that the financial market liked yesterday's news presented by Apple at WWDC18. That's because, right after the opening keynote, the company's shares ($ AAPL) went up and closed the day for $ 191.83; today, another high / record (of 0.77%), closing on $ 193.31.

As a result, Ma's market value once again surpassed the $ 950 billion barrier, now worth exactly $ 950.14 billion this value, which is also close to a record. Remembering that the market cap The company suffered a reduction recently even after a good appreciation of the shares, as a result of the share buyback program, which reduces the amount of shares of the company available on the market.

Who also comes in great accent to Amazon ($ AMZN), which has taken a leap in recent months and is now worth $ 823,115 billion good for Apple to open its eyes

In the past few weeks, Microsoft ($ MSFT) has overtaken Alphabet ($ GOOG) and took third place in that race, but the conglomerate led by Larry Page has returned to its original position, now worth $ 796.26 billion, against $ 785.146 billion from the company led by Satya Nadella.

$ AAPL or $ AMZN, who's worth $ 1 rail first? Place your bets! 💵