Apple shares rise again and hit record high: $ 209.75 [atualizado]

Apple had recorded its last stock closing on August 6, when its market value hit $ 1.01 rail. Today, $ AAPL rose 0.42% and closed at a new historical maximum value of $ 209.75.

Despite today's record closing, the maximum value already reached by the shares during the NASDAQ price occurred yesterday (8/13), when it reached US $ 210.95. Today, the peak was $ 210.56.

Here are the market values ​​of the four most valuable private companies on the planet, now:

  1. Apple: $ 1,013 rail
  2. Amazon: $ 935.6 billion
  3. Alphabet: $ 869.8 billion
  4. Microsoft: $ 840.4 billion

On a related note, Berkshire Hathaway led by billionaire Warren Buffett recently increased its share of Apple shares to no less than $ 50 billion. By the end of June, they had 246.5 million shares of Apple (about 5% of the total).

Not bad.

Update 08/14/2018 s 21:45

For some reason, at the time of the NASDAQ nail closing, Yahoo! Finance was reporting a slightly incorrect $ AAPL amount. We updated the post now, correcting it.