$ AAPL (November 1, 2019)

Apple shares hit record again; company is now worth $ 1.156 trillion

Apple is highly rated on Wall Street. After announcing the financial results for the fourth fiscal quarter of 2019, on Wednesday, the company entered a rising tide at NASDAQ and, today, with the closing of the stock exchange, it reached yet another historical record.

A $ AAPL closed the day up 2.84%, going $ 255.82 – during the trading session she reached the historical record of $ 255.93. As a result, the market value of Apple jumped to $ 1.156 trillion.

$ AAPL (November 1, 2019)

Microsoft shares [$MSFT] – second place in the ranking of the most valued companies in the world -, in turn, closed the day up 0.24%, worth US $ 143.72. THE market cap hers is now in $ 1.096 trillion.

Closing the ranking of the first four, we have Amazon [$AMZN] and Alphabet [$GOOG]. The parent company of Google had recently overtaken the e-commerce giant, but the company run by Jeff Bezos has performed well in recent days, reaching $ 888.2 billion in market cap; Alphabet is worth now $ 878 billion.