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Apple shares end the week with cumulative high of almost 5%

Another day, another historic high for $ AAPL.

Apple stocks closed today at a 2% high, at a new record high of $ 217.58. The high during the price was also historic, at $ 217.94.

With that, Ma accumulated a 4.8% increase during this week which took its market value to unbelievable $ 1,051 rail. Comparatively, Amazon, Alphabet (Google) and Microsoft closed the week with market caps of US $ 918 billion, US $ 839.8 billion and US $ 824.9 billion, respectively.

Just to give you an idea, the first record of the $ AAPL record we made this year was on January 17th. That day, the papers closed at $ 179.10 and Apple was worth $ 911.1 billion.