Apple shares end the week with cumulative 9% rise

This week has been wonderful for Apple shareholders / investors. From last Friday to now, $ AAPL has accumulated an absurd high (even more so for a company of this size) 9%.

Today, one day after making the move to the $ 1 track in market value official, the $ AAPL rose another 0.29% and closed the day quoted at a record value of $ 207.99. The maximum during the NASDAQ price was also historic, at $ 208.74.

With that, the market cap Apple is now in $ 1,005 rail. And make no mistake: the number is so surreal that these “, 005” represent no less than US $ 5 billion. 😜

By comparison, Apple's two closest rivals in market value, Amazon and Alphabet (Google), closed the week worth $ 889.3 billion and $ 850.8 billion, respectively. We’ll see how long (and if) they also reach $ 1 rail in market cap.

Earlier today, we released an email that Tim Cook sent to all Apple employees about the $ 1 rail mark.