Apple shares continue to fall and enter the "cross of death"

This end of the year has been terrible for Apple and several other tech giants when it comes to their NASDAQ stock values.

Speaking specifically of $ AAPL, it closed today at a drop of 3.89%, now quoted at $ 150.73. The accumulated drop in the week was 8.9% and the company's market value is now at $ 715.3 billion, just below $ MSFT ($ 754.2 billion).

Today, as reported by CNBC, Apple entered what investors call “Death cross” (Death cross). This happens when the average of the value of the shares for 50 days falls below its average of 200 days and that is what just happened with the papers of the Mother.

Although we have already analyzed some reasons that may have led to this recent fall in the $ AAPL, the technology market as a whole is in bad shape at the end of 2018. Exactly a month to go:

  • THE Apple fell 15.3%;
  • O Twitter fell 13.6%;
  • THE Amazon fell 9.2%;
  • O Facebook fell 7.3%;
  • THE Alphabet fell 5.6%;
  • THE IBM fell 6.4%;
  • THE Microsoft fell 4.7%;
  • THE Intel fell 4.7%.

Apple still leads the way in the recent NASDAQ performance, but * none * of them went up in the period. The thing is ugly.

via Cult of Mac