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Apple shares break new record; Alphabet passes Amazon and becomes 3rd most valuable company [atualizado]

Last Monday, Apple shares hit NASDAQ's record. Today, one more! $ AAPL closed the day higher on 1.34%worth now $ 243.18. The peak during trading (throughout the day) was slightly higher, from $ 243.22 (also remember).

With this, the company's market value reached $ 1,099 rail, while the Microsoft ($ MSFT), the second most valuable in the world, is at $ 1,040 rail.

It is worth noting here that, with a 0.2% drop, the shares of Amazon ($ AMZN) closed the day at $ 1,762.17, with a market cap of $ 871.7 billion. With the 1.31% increase in Alphabet ($ GOOG), Google's conglomerate roles are worth $ 1,259.13; thus, its market value reached $ 872.5 billion, surpassing Jeff Bezos's company.

And so the chair dancing continues

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Update by Rafael Fischmann 10/25/2019 s 17:20

With a new high of 1.23% this Friday, Apple shares closed the week on a new historical record, worth $ 246.58. Today's NASDAQ nail peak of $ 246.72 had never been reached either.

With that, Ma is now worth nothing less than $ 1,114 rail.