Montage of Tim Cook holding money

Apple shares break new historic record!

A few days ago, we commented that the Apple again became the most valuable company in the world. Today, after the NASDAQ closed, the scenario remained the same in this sense, but with a novelty: after a high of 1.73%, $ AAPL is now worth $ 240.51, a historic record.

During the negotiations, the company’s shares were worth US $ 240.99 (a mark never reached before), but they retreated a little by closing a few cents below.

Montage of Tim Cook holding money

Meanwhile, the Microsoft – hitherto the most valuable in the world – ended the day with an increase of 0.74%, worth US $ 138.43. With today’s numbers, the Apple is worth $ 1.087 trillion, while the company headed by Satya Nadella has a market cap in $ 1.057 trillion.

Not that it means anything practical to us, but it is still curious to follow this scenario and see how the companies’ day-to-day decisions influence their financial performance.