Apple shares break new historic record and reach $ 191.83 in epic trillion run

Taking a quick look at the international-technological world, reactions to the news presented in the opening keynote of WWDC18 were, in the most optimistic of evaluations, mixed. This does not mean, however, that the voice of the people is the voice of investors: the $ AAPL has just broken yet another record in its huge trail run.

Ma shares closed today at $ 191.83, the largest in its entire history (the peak during today's NASDAQ price was also a record, at $ 193.42) and was enough to raise the company's market value to $ 942.87 billion.

This, in turn, is not a record: a few weeks ago, even with the value of each to the lowest, the company's market value reached US $ 950 billion. The incongruity is explained by an effect of the share buyback program, decreases the amount of company papers available on the market.

Still, the trail is still pointing up and the trail seems like a matter of time. Who knows in the next keynote?

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