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Apple Serves a Series of Six New Quick Watch Commercials

Apple has just published six new quick commercials (15 seconds each) on YouTube Watch, following a new communication language with colored backgrounds.

Sing (Sing)

Send an audio message via your simple Apple Watch. Simply speak and send.

Train (Train)

Apple Watch allows you to check your pulse quickly, so you can keep your heart beating fast.

Cycle (Cycle)

Apple Watch tracks every second of your journey, from warm up to relaxation.

Drive (Ride)

The Apple Watch gives you turn-by-turn directions, so if you get a little lost it won't be long.

Date (Gives you)

When you receive a new message, the Apple Watch gently indicates that it is there, so you can see it immediately.

Paint (Sprinkle)

With Apple Watch and Apple Pay, buy something for the simpler than ever.

ยท ยท ยท

Soon, all of them should also be on this page of the Apple website.