Apple sends iPads, snacks and hygiene products to isolated employees in China

Coronavirus: Apple sends iPads, snacks and hygiene products to isolated employees in China

After a week with a reduction in the number of new cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in China, the country again registered an increase in new infections last weekend, according to a report by LOOK. In the past seven days, accounted for 573 new contaminations, the highest number in a week so far.

Precisely for this reason, some security measures are being maintained to avoid an “explosion of contamination”, such as the isolation of the city of Wenzhou and the province of Hubei, two epicenters of the disease. In these places, however, part of the population suffers to purchase cleaning products and food, including Apple employees who are still in isolation.

To help you through this period, Apple sent “service kits” that contain a iPad (7th generation), masks, hand sanitizer, snacks and other basic necessities, according to a publication on the Chinese social network Weibo.

A letter attached to each package says that the iPads were provided to help with children’s learning and to «spend time during the extended stay at home». Check out our free translation of the note:

Dear colleagues in Hubei and Wenzhou,

We hope to find you well and healthy. Since the last communication with each of you, we understand that everyone remains strong in this challenging time. We understand the difficulties you are facing and we would like to offer our best support to you and your families. Hubei and the city of Wuhan were hardest hit by the Coronavirus outbreak, which has already killed 2,835 people in China.

We are sending you our best wishes on behalf of the entire Apple team, along with a care kit for you and your families. In the kit, you will find basic necessities and a ‌iPad‌ that can be used to facilitate children’s online learning or to help them spend time during their extended stay at home.

In addition, a series of counseling and consultation services was prepared especially for you during this period.

While more than half of Apple’s stores reopened during reduced hours in China, many of the company’s retail, office and manufacturing teams remain at home. There is no information, however, on which employees received the assistance kits; a mention of «isolated people outside the home» suggests that assisted workers do not reside in Hubei or Wenzhou, but were affected during the outbreak.

In addition, according to the publication on the Chinese social network, the families who received the kits felt “moved” by Apple’s efforts.

Indeed, an honorable attitude!

via AppleInsider