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Apple sells 8.8 million iPhones in the first quarter

تعد Apple بالفعل الشركة المصنعة الثانية للهواتف المحمولة في الولايات المتحدة

Since the iPhone hit the market, sales have been positive, but in the last quarter, between January and March, the company led by Steve Jobs has managed to surpass the numbers of previous quarters and sell a record 8.8 million iPhones. The number is almost double that reached in the same quarter last year and exceeds the 8.7 million devices sold in the three months that include Christmas, which is typically stronger for the sale of this type of devices.

THE smartphone was the main driver of Apple’s results, which in times of crisis managed to almost double profits (increased 90%) to close to $ 3.1 billion. The increase in sales of Mac computers also contributed to the growth, said Apple, which in the period sold 2.9 million Macs, 33% more than in the same three months last year. IPod sales fell 1 percent, but the company managed to reach 10.9 million music players between January and March.

Globally, sales for the same period stood at $ 13.5 billion, up 49 percent.

For the rest of the year, it is expected that the company’s results will continue to surprise on the positive side, taking into account that the data for the first quarter do not yet take into account the sales of the iPad, which only began to hit stores in the beginning of April.

On the other hand, in the results note the company has already promised that by the end of the year there will be more innovative launches. One of the next, it is hoped, will be the new version of the iPhone, which to maintain the tradition will be updated