Apple sees «potential» in cryptocurrencies and wants Apple Pay more skilled at tips

Apple sees "potential" in cryptocurrencies and wants Apple Pay more skilled at tips

THE Apple Pay it is already a relatively solid service with a good range of features – especially in the United States, perhaps not so much in the rest of the world. Still, Apple is committed to making it even richer, as evidenced by this interview by the vice president responsible for the platform, Jennifer Bailey.

In a chat with the anchor of CNN Chistine Romans, held at an event in San Francisco on the future of payments, the executive spoke about the Cupertino giant’s view of cryptocurrencies and the areas in which she believes Apple Pay can evolve, in addition to other issues.

Regarding cryptocurrencies, Bailey said that Apple is “attentive” to the technology, adding that the company considers it “interesting” and has good long-term potential. The executive did not give further details, however, about possible Apple plans with electronic coins – but just by signaling a certain interest, we can already see that, at least, the company knows about the potential importance of technology.

The executive also rated a point that, in her opinion, Apple Pay should do more: tips.

We received feedback from many consumers about when they start using mobile payments and Apple Pay and consequently stop carrying cash. And one of the areas where they’d like us to do more is tipping. You see good tipping features at some points of sale if you pay with mobile technologies, but still, that personal touch is still an area where we need to work harder.

Bailey was also asked about the item that is more difficult to replace with a digital version of the Wallet app, and indicated that the biggest challenge lies in identification documents.

To be legal, identity documents must be authenticated by the government. We see, around the world, several countries beginning to use mobile devices to reproduce passports. You can use a mobile passport when passing through airports today, so things are moving and I think they will continue. Therefore, it is not something that is so distant, it just will not be as fast as other activities that we have.

Finally, VP also spoke about an impression by a portion of consumers that paying with physical cards is still safer than paying with a cell phone. She said that this idea is completely incorrect, but that it is still necessary to educate consumers so that they understand the reality.

via 9to5Mac