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Apple seems to have finally officially recognized the cracking problem in white MacBooks

The subject is nothing new, not least because it involves white MacBooks, which are almost completely out of line with the arrival of models unibody. Our article covering the subject and bringing a homemade solution to the problem will be a year old, but now it seems that Apple has officially recognized it.

According to AppleInsider, the company reportedly sent a statement to its authorized centers in the United States (but the instructions are expected to apply anywhere, including Brazil) informing them that there are, in fact, four areas of the MacBook case susceptible to small cracks : its front part (just below the wrist rest and trackpad), the areas around the entrance and exit doors (I / O), the rear corners and the rear ventilation area.

Montage with several photos of MacBooks with cracked casesMontage with several photos of MacBooks with cracked cases

Users affected by the manufacturing problem are not supposed to have the machines under warranty in order to have the parts replaced, but each case will be carefully examined by the service, so that any indication that the crack was caused by misuse of the computer.