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Apple seeks to know why people prefer Android

Apple seeks to understand the market and why Androids sell more

A survey by Apple in 2011 discovered the reasons why people bought a Android instead of the iPhone, according to the website Cnet.

Among the main reasons is the availability of the device at the service provider. The study suggests that the majority (48%) of users chose the Android simply because they didn't want to switch companies.

J 36% preferred the Android because they trust the Google and 30% prefer larger screens, such as those offered by the Samsung Galaxy S. Other users (27%) bought Android devices because they like the system app store more, and 26% wanted integration with Google services.

Apple VS. Android If you bought one Android instead of an iPhone, leave us in the comments below for the reasons why you bought a smartphone with the Google platform. And take the time to tell if you are enjoying the operating system.

In the graph below you can see the complete search result.


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