Developers get prior access to iPads, but only by meeting strange requirements

Apple seeks engineering manager for new iPhone OS-based devices

A job vacancy published by Apple last week suggests that the company would be building a division to expand its mobile platform to new devices, apparently beyond iPhones, iPods touch and (as of now) iPads. The announcement in question refers to an engineer dedicated to managing a team that would work in that area, specializing in hardware, firmware, drivers and security.

Through it, it is possible to conclude that the company wants to take its mobile platform to other products based on the same technologies implemented inside the iPad and created by Apple itself. This suggests that the iPhone OS will not be the only thing to be taken to devices other than the company's tablet, but will likely be accompanied by the A4 processor introduced with the device, for example.

Check out the full description of the opportunity (in English):

This position requires a very technical and hands-on leader, experience in working closely with hardware team and a deep understanding of bare metal software. You must be a highly self-motivated individual who seeks to create a dynamic and creative team environment in which old problems are solved in new and innovative ways.

Job responsibilities include:

  • Leadership and management of a team of talented software engineers in a fast-paced and demanding software development environment
  • Working closely with the hardware and custom silicon teams to bring-up new platforms and prototype systems
  • Defining the software roadmap to support a range of hardware platforms, including iPhone & iPod
  • Lead the teams assistance in requirements for future hardware and custom silicon

Required Skills and Experience

  • Minimum of 5 years experience managing a software development team
  • Experience on working on drivers, kernel and firmware software technologies and direct experience developing on and for the Unix operating system
  • Understanding of SoC level design
  • Evidence of driving technical innovation
  • Strong communication skills
  • Bachelor’s or Masters degree in computer science or related field

Additional Success Factors

  • Experience with Mac OS X or iPhone development
  • Previous bring-up of mobile platforms running Unix like operating systems
  • Experience with ARM based SoC’s

I imagine that, from here on, the doubt that remains in the air: where else can the iPhone OS be fitted inside Apple? An idea supported by Computerworld That Apple's next target with its mobile system will be Apple TV, which would be interesting as it offers a multimedia experience that is very centered on the iTunes Store services.

However, there is no way to state this clearly, not least because the team for which the job vacancy is intended basically works with hardware. Judging that iPhones and iPods touch are still based on quite varied components, a short-term idea that should keep these engineers busy unifying these devices with the hardware created by Apple for the iPad.

(via MacRumors)