Apple secures patent for its multi-touch trackpad

Apple secures patent for its multi-touch trackpad

The United States Patent and Trademark Office today granted Apple an important patent (number 7,561,146), which covers all the techniques and components involved in building your trackpad with gestures multi-touch. It was first implemented in a company product with the launch of the MacBook Air, more than a year and a half ago, being used today in almost all notebooks produced by it, with the exception of the white MacBook.

Multi-touch trackpad

The patent, in addition to covering all current features of the trackpad such as gestures, click-through structure throughout its area and the sensors employed, also lists a number of additional sensors that are still far from Apple laptops. Moreover, the invention goes beyond hardware and covers aspects of software that can be mounted on top of a system with this technology (in this case, Mac OS X).

Among them, there is the Chinese writing mode, which will arrive together with Snow Leopard for all laptops with this integrated technology. Just yesterday, we talked about two other important patents obtained by Ma in Europe, covering the aluminum monoblock construction process (unibody) of MacBooks Pro and also that of the LED Cinema Display, as well as their due trademarks.

(Via: MacNN.)