Apple scores “A” in Greenpeace’s ranking of “greenest” technology companies

Apple scores “A” in Greenpeace's ranking of “greenest” technology companies

THE Greenpeace once again listed (PDF) the greenest technology companies according to their performance in energy transparency, as well as energy and renewable procedures. Among the various giants, Apple managed to stand out, reaching the first place for the third consecutive year in the general ranking of companies.

Greenpeace ranking with the greenest companies

Thanks to the leadership and advocacy of companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Switch, we are seeing the technology industry make great strides towards feeding the internet with clean energy.

Gary Cook, senior IT analyst at Greenpeace.

The best rated among all segments, receiving A grade with 100% clean energy, was Switch, a telecommunications company that develops data processing centers, based in Nevada (United States). Apple comes next, also with an A grade, but with 83% clean energy. Other companies that also received grade A were Facebook (67%) and Google (56%).

According to the report, Apple «played a catalytic role within its IT supply chain, driving other IT data centers and cloud operators to follow the same path of renewable energy operations». In fact, the company has tried to make all of its production networks greener, in addition to creating its new campus entirely with renewable energy.

There are still many companies that need to join this wave in order to help reduce the carbon dioxide emission, mainly the factories by Asia. The hope that these large companies will soon be able to show others the benefits of transforming their operations into increasingly green processes.

(via MacRumors)