Apple schedules launch of new version of Leopard for October 26

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Apple confirmed the rumors that the launch date of the new version of the Leopard operating system was close, by announcing that the software will be released next October 26 at $ 129 each pack of a license. For its part, the Mac OS X Leopard Family Pack will cost $ 199 for a five-license package.

Leopard is equipped with more than 300 new tools including a desktop with new graphics capabilities ā€“ Stacks ā€“ that allow you to access files more easily from the Dock, the file applications launcher of the operating system. Among the novelties, there are also the improved search capabilities, the Spaces tool, which allows users to create groups of applications and Time Machine, a feature that allows backups on Mac, among other tools.

At the same time, Apple also announces the arrival of Mac OS X Leopard Server on the same day. This one software includes Podcast Producer, an application that lets you publish content to iTunes, Wiki Server and iCal Server. Leopard Server will be marketed for $ 499 to packs 10 licenses and $ 999 for unlimited license editing.

Launch parties and initiatives similar to those that preceded the iPhoneā€™s debut are expected to accompany the arrival of the product on the international market, including the opening of stores from 6 pm on the 26th until midnight in the United States.

In Portugal, the launch of new products, Ā«apparentlyĀ», is also scheduled for October 26th, says Apple in statements to TeK. Fnac, one of the main retailers in the market, however indicates that it still does not have a confirmation of the brand and for this reason it is not yet planning any specific initiative to mark the date.

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