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Apple says that on Amazon, more than 90% of accessories said to be genuine for its products are counterfeit

The multitude of accessories options in the Apple world is one of the main attractions for the Apple ecosystem, without a doubt. The problem is to find out which of these brands have a good quality, after all, everything we do not want to ruin our devices because of a defective or poorly constructed accessory.

For this reason, many prefer to spend a little (or a lot) more and keep the accessories, cables and chargers, mainly official, manufactured by Apple itself. But what if malicious manufacturers tried to copy these products and sell them as if they were official? exactly what is happening, as discovered by Ma and in the largest online store in the world.

MagSafe 2 charger

The website Patently Apple reports that Apple has filed a lawsuit against Mobile Star LLC, a company that is manufacturing a huge number of cables and chargers as if they were Cupertino officers and the biggest seller of these brazen copies on Amazon. According to the process data, more than 90% the “Apple” cables and chargers sold on Amazon (the biggest online store in the world, as I said) are actually counterfeit.

According to Apple, the biggest problem is that, in addition to the ululating trademark infraction, these counterfeit products have not undergone any type of security test and represent a real risk to the devices they will connect to. Many of them are sold through Amazon itself, and not by third-party sellers on Amazon Marketplace, as is common practice in the store (although many consumers don't even realize it).

Many comments on the sale pages of so-called genuine accessories even report terrible experiences with failures, overheating and even explosions, which is absolutely terrible for the image of any company, as we know very well.

While the imbroglio on Amazon is not resolved if, considering the monumental size of the store and the apparent lack of existing control over who sells what on their properties, it is recommended to buy accessories through established stores, such as the Apple Store itself, and always check the manufacturer's provenance. The MFi seals (Made for iPod, Made for iPhone and Made for iPad), for example, are not by chance. Let us be aware!

(via Apple World Today)