Apple says it will not have iPhones 7 Plus or jet black color available in stores tomorrow; here in Germany, she doesn’t even want to queue

Apple says it will not have iPhones 7 Plus or jet black color available in stores tomorrow; here in Germany, she doesn't even want to queue

(Almost) the same thing every year: pre-sales of new iPhones this year we heard from operators, since Apple preferred not to disclose numbers and, as many people are unable to place orders online with reasonable delivery times, Ma stores are full on the day of launch.

We arrived at Munich (Germany) yesterday Wednesday (9/14) in the morning and soon we started hearing strange information (not to say ?disappointing?) in the two stores we visited, Apple Rosenstrae and Apple OEZ. Employees simply say that Apple will not have queues this year, meaning that on Friday (16/9) only iPhones that have been booked online will be delivered.

In fact, last night Apple Rosenstrae was still like this:

Apple Rosenstrae skip the lineThe cat-pingers in the front were just using the store’s Wi-Fi

A priori we were calm, because all this Apple procedure is normal. It has happened in the past years, after all, it is not in the company’s interest to create a huge agglomeration in front of its stores for nothing. It is a fact that stocks will be limited, but there is absolutely nothing a little doubtful considering the history of previous years.

But earlier today Reuters disclosed that world stocks (!) of iPhone 7 Plus and color glossy black (jet black) they would in fact have run out of pre-sales. That is, whoever wants one of these theoretically will not find them for purchase tomorrow.

Apple spokesman Trudy Muller said:

We sincerely appreciate the patience of our customers as we work hard to bring the new iPhone to the hands of everyone who wants one as quickly as possible.

Still, today Apple Rosenstrae looks like this:

It is now almost 6:30 pm here in Munich and we are already in line with another 10-15 people. There is still the hope of getting iPhones, but regardless of them it is worth remembering that they will also be selling tomorrow Apple Watches Series 2.

One way or another, we already have iPhones 7 and 7 Plus coming to us tomorrow for the purchases we made online last Friday (9/9) and we will also bring a lot of content from inside the store, showing all the devices in detail for you in their different models and colors.

Stay tuned! ?

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