Apple says it has spent billions on renewing its Maps; USA are almost completely covered

Mapas da Apple no iOS

That Apple moved worlds and funds to rebuild its application from scratch Maps, everyone knows. What we had little idea of ​​was the exact value of these funds – but now we can imagine.

The Apple, along with other technological giants (such as Google, a Amazon it’s the Facebook), recently sent answers to some questions asked by a committee of the US House of Representatives. The group is conducting an investigation of possible monopolistic practices by the giants, and has sent the questions as part of the investigation of their possible misdeeds.

According to the Reuters, the questions sent to Apple focused on the relationship between its own services (such as Maps, Apple Music and Apple TV +) and the presence of competing platforms present on the App Store. When asked how much money was spent on his Maps app, Apple was somewhat terse in response: «billion».

In addition, there is not much news regarding the Apple operations in the published responses; the company answered questions about the company’s commission system App Store and about the Safari, without surprises or new information.

Like Apple, the rest of the companies went as far as to provide revealing answers – Google, for example, denied an alleged favoritism of its services in its search results, while Facebook admitted that it revoked access to some third-party applications that replicated features of their products.

Nearly complete expansion in the US

Returning to Maps, the renovation of the Apple platform is now almost complete in the USA: according to the MacRumors, areas of center It’s from southeast country, as well as the state of Alaska, are already covered by the new maps.

If the expansion seems fast, it is because it really is: just over a month ago, we reported that the new Apple Maps were covering about half of the US territory; now, in about 30 days, Apple has managed to expand its new platform to the other half of the country. Thus, according to blogger Justin O’Beirne, 99.8% the United States area is already covered.

Now, the big question revolves around the international expansion. Apple has already promised that it will intensify its efforts in this direction throughout 2020, but it remains to be seen at what pace this will happen – will we soon have an Apple Maps usable in the rest of the world? We’ll see.

via AppleInsider