Apple says it found no evidence of forced labor at a supplier accused of violations

Apple Store na China

The day before yesterday, we talked about 11 Chinese companies that recently entered a US Department of Commerce list – all of which were accused by the agency of violating the human rights of the Uighur population in northwest China with forced labor and involuntary collection of biometric data. . One of the companies, Nanchang O-Film Tech, is a supplier to Apple.

Today, Apple revealed that, in its own investigation, no violations were found. This was the statement provided by the company to New York Times:

Apple is dedicated to ensuring that everyone in our supply chain is treated with dignity and respect. We found no evidence of forced labor on any Apple production line and will continue to monitor.

Second Josh Rosenstock, an Apple spokesman, the company learned of the charges against Nanchang earlier this year and immediately sent investigators to the scene. Surprise audits have been carried out over the past two months, with the right to check workers’ documentation and interviews with employees in their native languages; in the end, the investigation found no evidence of human or labor rights violations.

The report by NYT mentioned some other giants that are customers of the Chinese suppliers mentioned in the list. Among them, we have the Google, a HP, a Ralph Lauren, a Tommy Hilfiger and the Hugo Boss.

It remains to be seen, however, whether Apple’s private investigation will have an effect on the U.S. Department of Commerce’s decision. For now, Nanchang and the other companies cited on the inglorious list remain subject to sanctions from the Trump administration, such as the impossibility of doing business with American companies.

So let’s see where this is going.

via AppleInsider