Apple says hackers infected a small number of Macs by exploiting the Java breach

Mac OS X malwareThrough a statement to the Reuters, Apple reported that unknown hackers infected some employees' computers when they visited a website for software developers containing malicious files. According to the news agency, the malware was designed to attack Mac computers.

Apple was not the only one, as other big companies (like Facebook) also suffered from the same attack that, as always, took advantage of a Java plugin gap for browsers.

An Apple spokesman commented, ā€œWe have identified a small number of systems within Apple that have been infected and have isolated them from our network. There is no evidence that any data has been stolen. ā€Still according to the statement by the Cupertino firm's representative, she is working with law enforcement officials (most likely the FBI) ā€‹ā€‹to find those responsible for the attack. The company also said it plans to release software today, Tuesday, so that users can identify and repair machines affected by the malware.

Exactly for this reason, since the launch of OS X Lion, Ma no longer sells its operating system with Java installed "factory" who needs / wants to install the plugin needs to do this on their own, through Oracle distribution.

It is past time for companies like Oracle and Adobe to invest heavily in security in their products (Java and Flash): they are admittedly the biggest cause of problems of this type with their numerous loopholes that are always the target of malicious hackers.

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