Stocks for 12/30

Apple sales in the fourth quarter of 2009 will exceed all estimates, says analyst

Stocks for 12/30

New Apple sales estimates this quarter were projected by analyst Shaw Wu (Kaufman Bros.), who expects a much more successful end of the year for her than predicted by other analysts and even by the company's financial sector. For the analyst, sales of iPhones will reach 9.5 million units, going beyond Apple's estimates (8.8 million), but behind the forecast by Roadpoint AmTech (11.3 million).

In the meantime, we can still expect surprises in Mac sales, which have benefited greatly from the arrival of the new iMacs and Macs mini in October, in addition to the new MacBook. Wu's estimate is still 2.9 million units, but it should come as no surprise that this number will be greatly exceeded in reality, although the limitations in the production of certain components used by Apple (such as LED backlit screens) mean the opposite.

IPod sales are expected to exceed the forecast of 20 million units and stop at just 22 million, thanks to the success of the new generations of nano and touch. Apart from the other details of the financial market, Apple's announcements for the beginning of 2010 should be quite encouraging, which is why the Kaufman Bros. analyst led. increasing its stock price estimate to $ 253 against $ 235 in its previous forecast.

(via Fortune Brainstorm Tech)