Apple rushes to close studio deals in time for its special event

As we reported, Apple will hold its first special event this year on the 25th next in Cupertino at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park. Among the news that should be presented, we can safely say that Ma introduces its prosperous service of streaming of videos.

To further feed this assumption, the Bloomberg shared some details about the upcoming event which suggest that most of Apple's original products (many still under development) will miss the launch window of the new service. Because of this, Ma would be running after movie and TV show contracts with stadiums in time for the special event.

In that sense, Apple would be anticipating agreements with networks like HBO, Showtime and Starz until, at most, this Friday (15/3), even offering some concessions to guarantee the contracts. As such, most of Ma's service programs and movies would initially be from outside vendors, with only a few original productions available for example, Carpool karaoke.

Still according to Bloomberg, a Netflix it's the Hulu They should not be part of Apple's new service because they apparently “don't want to hand over their users' experience to other platforms”; Netflix no longer allows its customers to sign up through the App Store.

The report also pointed out that the company should launch its new credit card in partnership with the US bank Goldman Sachs, in addition to the magazine and newspaper subscription service.

All (possible) upcoming Apple services should be sold separately, but Apple may offer discounts to users who subscribe to one or more services, according to one of those familiar with the company's future news. We have to wait for the special event to clear all these doubts.

via 9to5Mac