Apple reveals the prices of Watches in Brazil – and they are higher than those obtained by us [atualizado]

Apple Watch prices

Earlier today we reported on the possible prices of Apple Watches. Now the values ??have appeared in the Apple Store app and, unfortunately, they are more expensive than the ones we inform you with the exception of the sports bracelet, which was R $ 329.

Apple Watch prices

Apple Watches Sport will cost R $ 2,899 (38mm model) and R $ 3,299 (42mm); Apple Watches (stainless steel), from R $ 4,599 (38mm) and R $ 4,999 (42mm).

Apple Watch prices

Apple Watches Edition starts at R $ 80,000 (38mm with sports bracelet) and goes up to R $ 135,000 (38mm with modern clasp bracelet).

There is no button on the Apple website that leads to the Online Store yet, but we have managed to find the URLs that lead to the purchase pages: Apple Watch Sport; Apple Watch; Apple Watch Edition.

Despite the higher prices, the inclusion of everything in the app and the Apple Online Store reinforces the information that the launch is imminent.

(tip from Andr Vilela)

Update, by Rafael Fischmann · 09/19/2015 s 09:25

Taking advantage of the imminent launch of Watch in Brazil, Apple has also published guide videos entirely in Portuguese on the product page.

(tip from Denis N. Espindula)