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Apple reveals «latest creation» on January 27

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The question remains as to what Apple is preparing this time to surprise the market, but the date when everything will happen has been clarified. The company has scheduled a meeting with the North American press for the next 27th of January.

The invitation, however reported by various means, is not abundant in details and only indicates that the event will serve to discover the «latest creation» of the company.

Rumor has long circulated of a possible launch by Steve Jobs’ company of a tablet PC. The subject is definitely on the agenda. Firstly, because the Apple rumor has gained insistence in recent weeks. Then, because the theme was the star of the last Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, with the presentation of several prototypes. Two facts that will certainly be linked together, from the perspective of several analysts, who saw the presentations of this type of devices at CES as the way found by the manufacturers to guarantee some attention before the expected launch of Apple.

In keeping with the rumors of the past few days, citing sources close to the lawsuit, the tablet that Apple is preparing will be a kind of larger iPhone, with a 10 to 11 inch screen. The same rumors, published recently by The Wall Street Journal, indicated that the new equipment will start to be sold during the month of March.

Information is also circulating that Apple is preparing a new iPhone 4G, but it is considered unlikely that the launch of next January 27th will be focused on this topic.